Over 90% of Spanish teens have mobile and use the Internet

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27-10-2013

Over 90% of Spanish teenagers aged 15 and above have a mobile phone and 94% use the Internet, according to a report by INE, Spain's national institute for statistics. Although the percentage is very high, it has actually dropped 2.8% compared with last year.

Of the entire adult population, aged up to 74, 72% use a computer, and the Internet users in this demographic have increased from 65% to 66%. Apart from the regular use of telecoms technologies, 88.2% said they had used the Internet to communicate with somebody at some point, but 54% were unsure how to protect their personal information online.
Nearly 70% of homes now have access to the Internet, with 68.9% of them connected via broadband, 47% having (exclusively or not) access to a 3G or 4G network, and 19% using fibre. Of the 30% of people who have no Internet at home, 36.2% said they did not know how to use it and 31.8% could not afford it.