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Thread: Dead DM500. Please help!

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    Dead DM500. Please help!

    My dm500 started hanging quite frequently, so I decided to flash it again, using null modem and the latest Gemini 3.3 max var...

    Well ever since then, I cannot get it to work for more than a few seconds... As soon as it is turned on, it blocks.

    I have tried everything>
    flash erase.img
    flash original image
    flash gemini 3.3 again...

    The furthest I get is the Diseqc settings at the very beginning, and it blocks again...

    What am i doing wrong?

    I use dream up, and i am not sure whether i should tick yes or no, when it ask to perform flash erase during process. I always do flash erase BEFORE I press flash, but should I do it again DURING flash?

    Please help, I am desperate...

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    Re: Dead DM500. Please help!


    First go to the flash of the official firmware. Then try to start your box and do a flash erase.

    If it doesn't work with the original image then sent it back to your provider.

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    Re: Dead DM500. Please help!

    It seems you got a connection problem. turn it on without connecting your lnb cable and see if it still hangs, if it's ok then check your cable or diseqc if you use one.
    hope this helps

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