Venevision integrates Cisneros Media

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 31-10-2013

Venezuela's free-to-air channel Venevision is to integrate the new brand Cisneros Media, together with the three most successful companies of Cisneros group: Venevision Plus, Red Más and Miss Venezuela.

The integration under a single brand intends to unify the communication structure and be more efficient for advertisers. The new Cisneros division was presented by the group's president Jonathan Blum, according to whom the brand integration has no precedent in Venezuela's media industry.

The company's intention is to enable their clients to work on both free-to-air and pay-TV channels through a digital advertising network. "The goal is to conquer new territories and add audiences, giving the advertisers new formats which could increase investment return," explained Blum.

The multiplatform business focuses on entertainment programming, both national and international productions, for TV and smart devices. According to Victor Kong, chief officer, success is guaranteed as most of the main advertising investors have already stated their interest in participating in the new Cisneros brand.