Over 95% of Argentinians watch online video

Parent Category: News | 01-11-2013

Argentina has the highest online video penetration in Latin America, with 95% of the population using the Internet to watch videos, according to comScore's latest report Futuro Digital Argentina 2013.

In Brazil, Chile and Mexico each user watches more videos on a monthly basis – in Argentina 86 videos per person are watched on average, compared to 166 in Brazil, 128 in Chile and 103 in Mexico – but in these three countries the online video penetration rate is 86.4%, 91.5% and 81.3% respectively, while it is 95.5% in Argentina.

YouTube retains a solid leadership position in the Argentinian sector, with over 15 million unique users per month. Vevo (7.6 million), Facebook (6.6), Viacom Digital (6.1) and Grupo Clarín (3.5) complete the top five most used sites.

Regarding general digital consumption, Argentina's figures are always a bit above the world average. According to the report, the country is also one of the most involved with social networks, with each user spending an average of nine hours a month on them, beaten in Latin America only by Brazil (13), and far above the global average of 5.4 hours.

The PC is still the most used platform from which Argentinians reach the Internet. Nevertheless, 7.9% of the data traffic is carried by mobile devices, namely tablets and smartphones. In this respect Brazil shows similar figures, while in Chile 13% of traffic is carried on mobile devices and in Mexico 15%.