UK 4KTV prices plummet

Editor | 01-11-2013

With cost being the gating factor for TV set purchasers, the UltraHD industry has been given a boost with news from that 4KTV offers have come down from over 20,000 in January to a current low of under 3,000.

Aiming to analyse the current landscape for UltraHD TV in the UK, and get an insight into what the future holds for this technology, the price comparison website analysed the trends of 4KTV models, prices and clicks in 2013. It looked at 58 offers across 13 different 4K TV models, noting that at the beginning of the year there was only one offer.

The company concluded that despite a current lack of 4K TV content, interest amongst idealo users is dramatically increasing, a trend fueled by a wider range of more affordable models. Indeed, in addition to the new entry point of just under 3,000 for the Toshiba 58L9363FB there are now ten products in the 4KTV category priced under 5,000. This steady decline in prices says, suggests the onset of manufacturers competing against one another to make UltraHD technology available to an ever-increasing number of consumers and a greater number of shops are also beginning to sell these products.

Looking forward, predicts that the trend observed for the significant decline in prices latter part of 2013 indicates is likely to continue in 2014, with prices steadily declining on both existing 4KTVs as well as new models being released by manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and Toshiba.

However, it warns that the current lack of widespread availability of 4K content could be contributing to consumer hesitancy in investing in UltraHD TV.

Given that, concludes that although not yet a mainstream choice for TV consumers, a more affordable price tag will no doubt see the trend of increasing clicks on UltraHD TV products continue into 2014.