NetRange simplifies VOD deployment

Jörn Krieger | 01-11-2013

Ordering a movie on-demand may be a simple task for consumers, but extensive backend development has to be accomplished first to create a video-on-demand (VOD) service. To reduce the complications, costs and time required to launch VOD services, NetRange, a German provider of portal solutions for connected TV sets, has developed the NetRange VOD API.

In traditional solutions, VOD services providing DRM-protected content require access to information from the reception device and the media player on the device needs to communicate with the VOD service to decrypt content. As VOD services are cloud-based, communication lines have to be established via customised browser plugins. After the assessment and technical integration of the plugins on the device, the integration has to be tested, the development has to be translated into a new software release, the software has to be published and installed by the user and then, finally, access to the VOD service on the device in the customer's home can be achieved. This often resulted in several months of delay between starting the integration and the first movie purchase, according to NetRange.

Now, with the release of the NetRange VOD API, communication between the VOD service and the reception device becomes standardised. This eliminates months of custom infrastructure work, and, says the company, VOD services can be added to a connected TV set portal without additional effort. Development costs and time to market are considerably reduced. With the one-time integration of the NetRange API, multiple VOD services can be added instantly to portals around the world in a matter of hours instead of months, says the Hamburg-based company.