Knetik Media seals content deal to offer film VOD

Editor | 02-11-2013

Trans-media platform company and over the top (OTT) provider Knetik Media partnering with a major content library to launch a direct to consumer video on-demand (VOD) service.

Knetik Media plans to launch the new content service by early 2014 and will control global distribution rights for the collection.

The bouquet is based on a collection of classic Hollywood films, television shows and music videos and working with this private content library, Knetik Media says that it is in a position to deploy over 8,700 hours of Hollywood-produced films, TV and cartoons. Highlights of the library include classic horror films including an extensive collection with Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price and, popular television dramas such as Dragnet and I Love Lucy.

The VOD provider plans to use its network of regional marketing partners around the globe to distribute the content. Initial market forays will include the Middle-East and South Asia as well as seeking marketing partnerships in North America.

In terms of what it hopes to do, Knetik Media will open up to the world an eclectic collection from the golden age of television and radio, asserted Chief Executive Officer Shane Robinett. “We are absolutely thrilled to have this partnership. There are audiences that have never experienced these classics,'' he said. "We will work aggressively with our partners to secure global distribution of these movies, television shows, and vintage music videos which have timeless appeal and strong viewership."