UPC Netherlands announces job losses

November 4, 2013 10.12 Europe/London By Robert Briel

UPC FlagDutch cable operator UPC announced the loss of around 100 jobs in an effort to ‘simplify’ the company.

The company said it has made a considerable investment in new products and services making them simpler and that this justifies a cut back, according to local reports.

Forced redundancies cannot be ruled out, the company said. However, the job losses will not lead to longer waiting times at customer service. “Where possible, we will avoid scrapping jobs in direct contact with our customers,” a spokesman told De Telegraaf newspaper. Customer care will remain a priority for the operator.

Altough 100 jobs are scrapped, around 25 new people will be hired, leading to a net loss of 75 jobs.

Rumours about a possible reorganisation and up to 200 job losses have been going the rounds within the company for the past few weeks.