4K, IPTV to lead TV revolution as smart TV struggles to find connection

Editor | 04-11-2013

The near-term prospects for 4KTV and IPTV will eclipse those of the much vaunted connected TV industry, says new research released by marketreportsonline.com.

In the Global Digital Media - The Dynamic Digital, IPTV and Smart TV Markets report, the analyst says that despite being the object of great expectations, the current generation of smart TV technology will not be the driving force of the TV industry because many of the functions offered by smart TVs aren't even being used by consumers yet.

By contrast, the report notes that the prospects for 4K/UltraHD TV are very positive already and believes that the release of cheaper versions is expected to drive the global uptake, especially in established Asia Pacific markets.

Likewise, IPTV is expected to have a profound change on the face of TV delivery through to 2015.On the back of Asia's aggressive development and adoption of broadband Internet, the report observes a rapid expansion in IPTV services, mostly in a number of the more developed markets.

Over-the-top (OTT) content is cited as a key driving force in these changes. Indeed marketreportsonline.com believes that the growing OTT market offers opportunities for advertising and content providers alike, citing in particular the launch of Google's Chromecast, described as "an exciting new development" which if it delivers what it promises will "totally change the broadcasting market".

The analyst added: "The sheer market power of this device is going to deliver a terrible blow to those in the industry which are hanging on to their old broadcasting models, with exclusive rights, premium services, walled gardens, proprietary devices and so on."

Other notable findings include optimism for cloud-based broadcasting, with particular traction from Aereo.

The Global Digital Media - The Dynamic Digital, IPTV and Smart TV Markets report is available here.