Euronics takes Tooway to German high streets

Jörn Krieger | 04-11-2013

Euronics, one of Germany's leading electronics retailer chains, has teamed up with Eutelsat and its German partner getinternet to take the Internet via satellite service Tooway to German high streets for consumers outside the range of conventional broadband services.

Euronics comprises 1,700 independent electrical retailers who run more than 1,900 shops across Germany. The agreement with Eutelsat will enable them to offer Tooway which provides 20Mbps downlink speed and 6Mbps uplink speed through Eutelsat's KA-SAT satellite. The service operates via a small satellite dish and a modem connected to the PC or home network. Additional services such as VoIP and TV channels are also available from Euronics and can be delivered via Tooway.

With Eutelsat's support, Euronics retailers have already trained the first 100 employees on the performance and features of Tooway. Eutelsat's partner getinternet will contribute to installing and connecting customer terminals. The system can also be self-installed by consumers.

"We see many customers in rural areas or on the outskirts of cities and large towns penalised by insufficient broadband speeds," said Peter Koßmann, head of telecommunications at Euronics. "The innovative satellite service we are adding to our consumer electronics portfolio allows us to resolve this problem, bringing customers broadband wherever they are. Tooway can also be used to receive TV channels with the highest picture quality on smart TVs and OLEDs simply with the addition of a small piece of hardware to the dish."

Udo Neukirchen, Eutelsat director of sales & marketing for Tooway in Germany, added: "Euronics' specialist retailers and their staff are truly in touch with their customers' needs. Their high street presence, knowledge and customer oriented approach, combined with the Tooway service and the installation expertise of getinternet will significantly contribute to closing the digital divide in Germany."