BiteSizeTV looks to feed millennials next-gen video

Michelle Clancy | 05-11-2013

The millennial-focused BiteSizeTV has launched a public beta version of, an online, multi-network, multi-channel destination with unscripted daily programming across six networks. The approach is geared to younger viewers.

The network broadcasts live around-the-clock from the BiteSize Studios, which have been built over the last 18 months on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

In September, the company began producing content from the glass-enclosed, street-side studios, and is now producing more than 500 episodes per month. At the same time, BiteSizeTV has been preparing for the launch of its new Web platform for the development, production, release, promotion and distribution of programming, it said.

It's all squarely focused on the younger viewer. BiteSizeTV is pioneering a new model for short-form entertainment, producing longer format channels containing individual shows and segments, which can be watched linearly, or binge viewed on a show-by-show basis. This new format enables the company to "flex" its formats to accommodate celebrity guests that are visiting the network and to try out new ideas that may spin out into their own shows.

"We are bridging the gap between movie and television sites and user-generated video sites," said founder and CEO Ron Bloom. "However, as more and more viewers are cutting the cable cord, there is something missing. We are focusing on bringing them programming that is TV-quality, fresh, free and live every day. That is our sweet spot."

The BiteSizeTV networks cover entertainment, style, comedy, extreme, music and technology. The site, meanwhile, features a number of technologies including 'screen sense' which enables a viewer to scroll through programming while not losing the original viewing window. In the same manner that BiteSizeTV tests its programming, the company is introducing features and testing them with fans to see which ones should be evolved and to continue to shape the viewing experience.

"Television was the entertainment platform of our parent's generations," said Bloom. "For Millennials, it is the Internet, and consumption habits have completely changed. At BiteSizeTV, we are combining the production aesthetics and format-driven concepts pioneered by the greats of television with new technologies and formats designed to entertain new generations of viewers."