TikiLIVE integrates with Telergy's STB

Michelle Clancy | 05-11-2013

TikiLIVE.com is now delivering HBO, Showtime, and Complete Sky premium channels to Telergy set-top boxes (STBs), and has been approved to deliver Sky channels to televisions domestically within the US via its HD broadcasting middleware platform.

TikiLIVE publishes 1080i HD video for digital delivery, which is now being sent to television sets with Telergy's Wi-Fi-enabled, Ethernet-compatible STB.

"We can now invite all telcos, CDNs and service providers to offer premium HD content with their offers in order to increase subscriptions to unparalleled levels," said Tim Green, CIO of Eyepartner, owner of TikiLIVE.com. "This opens brand-new doors for ISPs who want to offer content on multiple platforms. Not only are the streams accessible over the Web, but also on televisions when viewers have Telergy's super-fast, HD box."