SAT IP brings satellite to multi-device environment

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 05-11-2013

SES has developed a satellite solution to adapt its network to the new demands of customers: SAT IP. The new protocol transforms satellite signals directly into a TV signal able to be viewed on all types of screens without an Internet connection.

Miguel Pingarrón, business development director of SES Astra Ibérica, explained the company's new plans at the workshop Anycast, Anywhere, Anydevice, held in Madrid. The goal is to adapt the service to the needs generated by the multi-device habits of customers. SAT IP translates the satellite TV signals into IPTV, making them available for PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs without a satellite reception or even an Internet connection.

"It creates a platform which is going to bring new products to the market," explained Pingarrón. "SAT IP offers to broadcasters and service developers new and simple multiscreen solutions."

According to Pingarrón, the audiovisual future calls for hybrid solutions in which satellite, cable, Internet and terrestrial technologies work together. "With this kind of solution, the satellite gets consolidated as a future broadcasting technology, perfect for adapting the increasing quality of audiovisual".

The SES director also predicted that UltraHD will be a regular broadcasting standard "in two or three years, with 16 times more resolution than current digital TV".