Ziggo launches cloud-based interactive TV service

Editor | 06-11-2013
In what is being described as a world's first, showing how service providers can use the cloud to move away from the STB, Ziggo has launched a receiver-free interactive TV service. Customers of the Netherlands cable provider who have a new CI+ Module (version 1.3 or higher) will be able to use the interactive services to watch films, television series or missed TV programmes on demand. The Ziggo CI Plus 1.3 VOD service is powered by CloudTV from ActiveVideo. Explaining the relevance of the move, Ziggo says that until its launch interactive TV has required a separate digital receiver, but since the beginning of 2013 there has been a proliferation of TV sets equipped with a CI+ lock (Common Interface) version 1.3 capable of showing content securely with out a STB. Indeed it cites 'many' Samsung, LG and Philips televisions as having already been certified for this service. "This development offers our customers great benefits," commented Pieter Vervoort, VP Consumer Products and Innovation at Ziggo. "With the interactive CI+ Module, customers can watch movies, television series and missed TV programmes directly on their TV-set and without the need for extra equipment, extra leads or an extra remote control. The advantage for Ziggo is that the look and feel, and the way interactive television is used, is exactly the same for all types of peripheral equipment."