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Thread: New to Card Sharing, need help

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    New to Card Sharing, need help


    I have bought myself a Xtrend ET4000 (my first ever receiver).
    I have installed OpenVIX and installed CCCam and ready for using it to watch S*K*Y ( thats all I am interested in), fixed dish to 28.2
    How do I find a good server, as you know by now, I have nothing to offer back (don't own any cards or tv packages).
    Can someone please help me to start sharing and point me to the right direction as what I need to do?

    I keep seeing people looking for peers, but asking for a cline?!! from what I have read, peer is the party that receives the info from the server!!! so why are they asking for cline?!!


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    Re: New to Card Sharing, need help

    one way or other you need to offer something anyway

    in your case I believe you will offer money to one of pay servers

    so why are they asking for cline?!!
    because they can share each other cards

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