zeebox adds video discovery for second-screen app in UK, Oz

Michelle Clancy | 06-11-2013
Second-screen TV app provider zeebox has implemented elements of personalised video discovery across all of zeebox’s supported platforms in the United Kingdom and Australia. Based on the Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery platform, those include a ‘Recommended For You’ feature, based on past viewing, and a ‘Similar Shows’ feature, which allows the discovery of related content that is most similar to the show currently being watched, previously viewed content or a programme available in the future. In June 2013, zeebox deployed Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery to its users in the United States. “Scrolling through 150+ TV channels is not the way of the future,” said Anthony Rose, CTO and co-founder at zeebox. “Instead, you will use a personalised guide dynamically built for you, featuring shows you already love that are on your TV now, and later, shows recommended by friends, shows you can participate in, interact or play along with on your phone or tablet, and shows recommended for you based on your viewing history.” He added, “Personalised recommendations play a big part in turning the process of deciding what to watch from a chore into a delight.”