Spain's ATM to create channels for US Hispanic audiences

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06-11-2013

Spain's ATM Broadcast has announced it is going to build up two new channels to be launched in the US aimed at Hispanic audiences, believing there are great business opportunities for Spanish audiovisual producers in the region.

Although the specifics of the new two signals remain a mystery, ATM has explained that the channels have been ordered by several US distributors. The Spanish-speaking population is increasing in the US, and is around 16% according to the latest official census. Some predict this figure will grow to 30% by 2050, which will lead to an increase in demand for Spanish TV content.

Due to the few business opportunities in Spain, many audiovisual distributors and broadcasters have been focusing on Latin America and US audiences. This is why ATM has opened an office in Miami, from where it has established new links between Spain and the Americas.

In addition to the new channels, ATM has confirmed that it is going to add some Spanish TV channels to its US distribution network. The initiative aims to open a new window of income for Spain's audiovisual industry.

"A new scenario is coming, from which we can create extra income for Spain's content producers," explained Evaristo Cobos, ATM's CEO. "This new project is possible thanks to our expansion throughout the American market, where we have been working for several months."

The schedules and names of the new channels will be announced shortly. "We are working on the programming, which is why we need producers and channels to make contact with us in order to distribute their content in America," added Carlos González, ATM's commercial director.