UPC Cablecom sees Internet growth

Jörn Krieger | 06-11-2013

Switzerland's largest cable operator UPC Cablecom won 11,300 new customers for its Internet service in Q3 2013 bringing its total to 647,400 subscribers.

8,600 new customers signed up for the telephone service which now totals 447,300 customers. For its basic TV subscription, UPC Cablecom acquired 5,200 new customers with the total number of TV customers now amounting to 1.43 million.

The multimedia box horizon, which UPC Cablecom introduced in January 2013, is now used by more than 110,000 customers.

Later this year, the subsidiary of US media company Liberty Global wants to roll out a high speed Internet service in the Bern region with a data rate of 500Mbps, Switzerland's fastest Internet access rate.