MBC2 airs fillers in support of Arabic cinema

Rebecca Hawkes | 06-11-2013

Pan-Arab broadcaster MBC is to show newly-produced fillers to promote the Arabic film industry on its movie channel MBC2.

The short segments, entitled Me and the Cinema, will be repeated every three minutes during breaks to highlight the achievements of the pioneers of Arabic cinema. The fillers will look at "how they have been affected by the great Arab personalities of world cinema, and Hollywood in particular," said MBC.

Each week, five different stars will be featured, including Nada Abu Farahat, Hani Abou Asaad, Ali Mustapha, Bushra, Younes Bawwab, Nabil Ayyoush, Hend Sabri, Iskandar Qotbi, Ali Sleiman, Dareen Hamza and Mohamed Diab.

One of the Dubai-based network's 14 channels, MBC2 launched in 2002 as the first 24 hour free-to-air film channel in the Arab world. It provides Hollywood blockbusters and a range of other international movies. Its social media footprint stood at over six million followers in September 2013, according to the broadcaster.