Eutelsat announces channels shortlisted in the Children's category for TV Awards

Editor | 07-11-2013

M2, MiniMini+ and Yourfamily have been shortlisted in the Children's category for the Eutelsat TV Awards.

In explaining its selections, the satellite giant said that today children navigate their way through a media rich environment which is exciting, empowering, and at times precarious. TV, interactive media and games consoles are part of their everyday lives as well video-on-demand via fixed and mobile devices.

Yet Eutelsat states that despite this wealth of technology, great storytelling sits at the heart of compelling content for children and that the three channels each stand out for meeting these challenges and for their responsible approach to programming.

Hungary's M2 saw a big rebrand at the end of 2012 when it became the country's second national public channel, broadcast terrestrially, by cable and by satellite. Its main goals are to reach children between three and 12 and to encourage a viewing environment together with parents and grandparents. Scheduling is designed for family viewing with a strong emphasis on tradition and Hungarian folktales as well as Hungarian classic and newly produced animations.

Broadcast in the nc+ platform, MiniMini+ with its FishMiniMini icon is the leading Polish children's channel for pre-schoolers. It features international productions as well as classic Polish animations and has a strong policy of reaching out to deaf children with almost 10% of content with regular sign language translation. Programmes for children with sight difficulties also carry audio description. Programmes are designed to develop imagination, numeracy skills, abstract-thinking, individual expression, language skills and group activity.

Yourfamily is an independent German channel for kids, youth and family segment, providing 24/7 animation and live action series as well as films for pre-schoolers, children and family viewing. Stories are sourced from Europe's cultural heritage and are designed to encourage creativity, social responsibility and language skills, without sensory overload. Yourfamily has developed co-operations with theatres such as the Wiener Kinder Theatre for new formats, and thematic days such as Day of the Ocean, Day of the Plant and Family Day.

The winner of the Children's Award will be announced on 15 November at the Eutelsat TV Awards ceremony.