Somos Distribution takes Shoreline movies to Latin America

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 07-11-2013

US company Somos Distribution has announced an agreement with Shoreline Entertainment to take its independent film catalogue to Latin America. Through the deal, over 100 films will be distributed through Latin American TV channels.

Shoreline's portfolio includes a great selection of American and international independent films, most of them critically acclaimed. The company represents the growing independent film market, which has recently found an important place within the US movie industry.

"These movies are to complete the schedules of many channels in Latin America," explained Luis Villanueva, Somos' president. "I can affirm, undoubtedly, that these films are going to top the ranking of our most successful content."

Most of Shoreline's productions have premiered at international independent films festivals including Toronto, Hollywood and Sonora. Several popular actors known for their work in more commercial films, such as Angelina Jolie, David Carradine and Faye Dunaway, are involved in the catalogues' content too.

"By teaming up with Somos Distribution we guarantee a strong network distribution for our films," explained Morris Ruskin, Shoreline's general director.