Can HbbTV extend to support IPTV?

November 7, 2013 13.20 Europe/London By by Robert Briel, IPTV Seminar, Amsterdam

Extending the HbbTV to help support IPTV is an idea suggested by Jon Piesing, director standardisation TP Vision.

“Between DVB and OIPF most of what is needed to extend HbbTV to support IPTV already exists,” said Piesing.

The are of course a number of challenges, such as a limited diversity to a ‘single buildable testable set of technologies’.

The extensions need to be kept simple enough that TV manufacturers are comfortable that the cost would be justified by likely benefits

Reconciling IPTV operator expectations with what’s realistic for retail TV sets made for a European or world-wide market. And to reconcile time to market with the set of features. The more features you put in, the mor you delay…

“HbbTV doesn’t attempt to solve evryone’s problem, but addresses immediate term market needs with an aim to avoid fragmentation.”