FIFA, Conmebol want Chile to change DTT law

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 11-11-2013

Chile may have to modify its recently approved DTT law, after complaints from the football associations FIFA and Conmebol.

Chile intends to broadcast all the national team matches free-to-air through DTT, but FIFA and Conmebol want to retain the retransmission rights.
According to national newspaper La Tercera, Conmebol sent a letter to Chile's Government ten days after the law was approved, explaining that the national team may be fined and even banned from international competitions. According to the paper, the South American football organisation wrote that it is "the only owner of match rights without any kind of restriction".
FIFA supports Conmebol's move and sent a letter to the football organisation stating the importance of broadcasting rights for the institution, the financing of which depends on them.
The most surprising thing is that this complaint has only been made now, when the DTT law has been debated for four years, and the paragraph regarding football was added in 2011. Still, the Government is ready to change this section of the law in order not to damage the future of the national team.