Server debian with 2 card hallo tv and free xtv

1-Hallo tv card identite provider 0B02 ***** in astra

Information :
Satellite: ASTRA 1L
Transponder: 1117
Polarization: Horizontal
Frequency: 12.692 GHz
Position: 19.2 ° East

From 5:50 to 18:55 o´clock -
entertainment programs with the topics of sexy modern lifestyle (sitcom), social Life, sweepstakes and teleshopping are broadcasted.
In these programs, you can also get actively involved, if you want!
You can receive the entertainment unencrypted and free.

From 19:25 to 5:50 o´clock -
we present a German full-Adult program, which mainly comprises the requirements of adult films.
The Full Adult Program is encrypted. For the activation a minimum age of 18 years is required.

2- free xtv with FL+FR+Private spice in Hotbird 13 ° E

No local = no share
Offer 1 reshare i want the same for me :
F: user pass 2 0 0 { 0:0:2 }

All Local welcome but for the moment only astra and hot bird
Send your active C line in PM