Why is Apple developing a curved screen?

Michelle Clancy | 12-11-2013

Apple is reportedly developing a curved screen for the iPhone, but at least one analyst is questioning the point.

Samsung and LG have launched HDTVs with curved screens, geared to make the TV viewing experience more immersive. The move into the curve in mobile, which was reported by Bloomberg News on 10 November, has no such benefit, according to tech analyst Jeff Kagan.

"I have one thing to say about this whole curved screen business. What's the point? Doesn't anyone see that the emperor has no clothes on?" he said.

In addition to Apple's move, Samsung has developed a curved Galaxy screen. Kagan added: "We have been hearing so much about the coming curved screen. We now have the first curved screen on Samsung devices and soon on Apple devices. That means curved screens are potentially the hottest think in mobile this year. One question. Why?"

He said that, so far, phone-makers aren't explaining the consumer benefits, such as a better video experience.

"Phone-makers like Samsung and Apple are not talking about what these curved screens will do for the user. Just that they will offer them. So what's the point? These are innovative, sure. But I simply don't get it," he added.

"Perhaps they should spend more time and money educating the marketplace on the value of the curved screen and why it is better than the traditional screen, which everyone is happy with," he said.