Starz switches up ENCORE programming to target Blacks, Latinos

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 12-11-2013

Starz has strengthened ENCORE and its family of thematic multiplex channels and service offerings with a pack of channels to focus on groups who over-index in viewing within the premium pay-TV category.

Beginning 2 December, ENCORE BLACK Replaces ENCORE DRAMA, showcasing popular programming for the African-American community. It will offer commercial-free premium movie content and the introduction of TV favourites. The December launch will spotlight actor Sam Jackson with films such as Unbreakable, Losing Isaiah, Freedomland and One Eight Seven.

A new addition to the ENCORE HD channel portfolio will be ENCORE CLASSIC, aimed at the Baby Boomer set, with a mix of generational evergreen movie favourites and classic TV series. Programming will include TV hits like Murphy Brown, Magnum P.I. and Night Court and films like Kramer vs. Kramer, American Graffiti, Independence Day, Breaking Away, Stand By Me, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Good Will Hunting, Tootsie, Basic Instinct and The Notebook.

Another new addition to the ENCORE HD channel portfolio, ENCORE SUSPENSE, gives fans a regular eight-hour fix of horror flicks after 9pm during the Graveyard Shift block of programming, including Night of the Living Dead, The Fly, Silent Night, The Amityville Horror, The Dead Zone, Resident Evil: Retribution, and Frozen.

For the growing Latino audiences who want 24/7 Spanish-language premium content, ENCORE ESPAŅOL will move to a lower tier, and be made available to multichannel video distributors in the United States as part of lower-cost Spanish-language channel bundles. The network will showcase US Television Premieres of Sin Otoņo, Sin Primavera (Ecuador), Estrella del Sur (Columbia), La Llamada (Argentina) and Lo Azul del Cielo (Columbia).

"The new and improved ENCORE family of channels and services are aligned to super-serve its many constituent demographic groups," said David Baldwin, executive vice president of program planning for Starz. "Growth in Latino and Boomer populations and continued over-indexing in TV usage by African-American audiences created marketplace opportunities for us to add incremental consumer value to the ENCORE services. Along with the new nightly horror block, these enhancements will benefit ENCORE subscribers for years ahead. "

The 2 December roll-out will also feature brand new channel logos, graphics and audio package as part of a fresh, new on-air style.