Sony kicks off 4K production effort with AFI

Michelle Clancy | 13-11-2013

Sony Electronics has announced a 4K movie-making project, dubbed Be Moved, in conjunction with the AFI Conservatory the film school of the American Film Institute.

Sony and AFI Conservatory leaders will source treatments for four-minute short films from alumni that will be finished in 4K and premiered at various film, television and electronics industry events through 2014. The content will also be on Sony's Video Unlimited 4K download service, available to consumers who buy a Sony 4K UltraHD TV.

"Sony has long been a committed supporter of the arts and of AFI putting state-of-the-art filmmaking tools in the hands of AFI Fellows for more than a decade," said Stephen Lighthill, senior filmmaker-in-residence for cinematography at AFI. "This exciting project provides filmmakers with the opportunity to develop content that best represents the cutting-edge nature of 4K and highlights the capabilities and range of 4K technology as an immersive storytelling medium."

Five selected filmmakers from the AFI Conservatory alumni network will be provided with a full camera package built around Sony's F65, F55 or NEX-FS700R 4K camera technologies. Sony and AFI are working with production company Rough & Tumble, headed by AFI alumnus and feature film producer Brian Udovich, to manage the programme with support from leading production industry rental companies and post-production houses. Additional production support will be available from Sony's Digital Motion Picture Center on the Sony Pictures lot, where Sony offers hands-on training for 4K shooting and workflow techniques.

"Sony prides itself on providing the Hollywood production community with the highest quality tools for creation and distribution of their content," said Alec Shapiro, president of Sony Electronics' Professional Solutions of America group. "We see 4K image creation rapidly becoming the new standard for motion picture production. Our camera systems are delivering beautiful images with instantly recognizable improved aesthetic quality. Working with AFI we will be able to put these wonderful tools intro creative hands and truly share the concept of Be Moved with an even broader audience."