One America News gains more US cable carriage

Michelle Clancy | 13-11-2013

One America News Network, which aims to take on CNN and other big cable news outlets, has been added to the channel line-up of FAVE TV and Duncan Cable, and will commence availability to some CenturyLink Prism TV viewers starting at the end of the year.

Duncan Cable TV, which services select areas of Vermont, is carrying One America News Network on channel 34, between CNN and FOX Business News. FAVE TV, a national provider of video services, has positioned One America News Network with other national cable news services on channel 207. CenturyLink Prism TV will be featuring One America News Network in the cable news neighbourhood in standard and high definition.

"One America News Network is the most refreshing, 'back to the basics' news-gathering and reporting service to launch in a very long time," said Cliff Duncan of Duncan Cable TV. "Americans deserve access to a credible, straightforward news source and One America News Network delivers."

One America News Network launched on 4 July 2013.