Four K Productions launches to spearhead 4K content development

Michelle Clancy | 13-11-2013

Four K Productions has been launched in Los Angeles as a new production company specialising in the development, production and distribution of original broadcast content shot and post-produced in the 4K UltraHD format.

The company said that it has secured initial financial backers and has already completed its first production, MIX: LA. The new company also has a slate of original programmes in development. It's looking for distribution with 4K television and cable networks located in Europe and Asia, as well as with 2K-compatible TV networks and online distributors in the United States. Additionally, the company is holding discussions with major 4K television manufacturers in Asia.

"We have nailed down the 4K workflow, and we consider ourselves adept in the creation and production of original 4K content," said company founder and president Kevin Williamson. "We are committed to this new and emerging technology, and realise that we are among very few competitors who really understand how this format works. In addition to producing our own content, we are also seeking to co-produce programming with partners, and we are also open to financing interesting new 4K projects that are pitched to us from the outside."

Marketing and advertising executives Dean Blagg and Martin Gueulette will serve Four K Productions as creative consultants. Blagg and Gueulette are experienced within the areas of movie trailers, TV promos, motion graphics, print advertising and cross-platform marketing campaigns.

"After having worked in long-form editorial with Digital Kitchen, Kevin saw the future as being the 4K format, and approached us to help him launch this amazing new company," the two said in a statement. "We are huge proponents of the 4K format it simply looks incredible. We are convinced the marketplace for this new format is just around the bend. It's coming. You just can't go wrong with the quality of this content."

Through its association with Blagg's company TAO Post Studios, Four K Productions has access to full-service 4K post-production technology and services. These include audio and video editorial, DaVinci Resolve colour correction, 5.1 surround sound mixing, 4K mastering and 3D motion graphics.

Four K Productions is also working with Wayne Threatt, a strategic advisor and investment professional with financing experience in institutional private equity and venture capital, as its corporate strategic consultant.