Internet overtakes TV in Argentina

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13-11-2013

The Internet has taken the place of TV as the most used media in Argentina, according to the latest research from OH Panel, reported by EFE. The report states that every Argentinian spends an average of 7.2 hours surfing the net but only 3.79 hours watching TV.

Internet use is now more than double that of TV. Radio is still in third place, with 3.3 hours every day.

According to the research panel, the Internet has not yet influenced the way Argentinians watch TV. Most watch on a traditional TV screen and via DTT or cable networks, and consumption of live TV through tablets, computers and smartphones is minimal.

But Argentineans seem to be certain that their consumption habits are going to change in future due to technological innovations, with over 60% of respondents surveyed saying that they expect it will be possible to directly purchase products while watching TV ads in the near future.

The research also found that Argentineans don't like adverts interrupting TV programmes. "There is a clear tendency that points to the viewer preferring to watch the programme without product interference, apart from the regular ad breaks; viewers feel a constant product invasion in what they're watching," explained Gonzalo Peña, OH Panel's director.