Spain's video retailers give away Blu-ray players

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13-11-2013

The Spanish video retail association Asociación Nacional de Empresarios Mayoristas del Sector Videográfico (ANEMSEVI) has launched a nationwide promotion to strengthen rental stores' business until Christmas, leading to shops giving away free Blu-ray 3D players to customers.

Every customer who spends over €100 in video rental or subscriptions from now until the end of December will get an LG player as a promotional present. ANEMSEVI has prepared promotion material which has already been distributed to the shops. The organisation hopes that nearly 80% of stores will take part in the campaign in order to raise and renew consumer awareness of video rental.

The Spanish video rental market has been struggling, initially due to piracy and then the country's financial crisis. While other markets such as online video, on-demand and traditional TV have already started to recover, rental video stores are facing a different situation, having seen sales fall almost 70% over the past few years, according to Screen Digest analysts.

ANEMSEVI believes that piracy is the major problem and this has seriously increased during the last few years. The organisation is concentrating most of its efforts on fighting this piracy, and the promotion also aims to kick-off the countdown to the introduction of Spain's piracy legislation, due by the end of the year.