Belgacom launches TV Replay

November 13, 2013 10.30 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Belgacom is launching TV Replay for a selected number of 10,000 Belgacom IPTV customers with a full launch planned for 2014.

Belgacom TV Replay will offer a catch-up TV service up to 36 hours after the original broadcast. The cloud-based service allows viewers to go back in the EPG and restart a programme on their TV, computer, smartphone or tablet. All programmes which are available to restart have a special TV Replay logo.

Belgacom TV ReplayBelgacom has reached an agreement with the three main Flemish broadcasters, VMMa, VRT and SBS Belgium, for the new service. This comprises the channels En, En HD, Canvas, Canvas HD, Ketnet/OP-12, Vier, Vier HD, Vijf, Vijf HD, VTM, VTM HD, 2BE, 2BE HD, Vitaya, Jim, Anne en VTMKZoom.

The Belgacom TV sports channels (Belgacom 11, Belgacom 11+, Belgacom 5) are also part of the service.

Replay TV also allows people who come late for a particular programme to start it from the beginning. A commercial launch is panned for 2014. The service comes in two varieties, the basic Replay TV and the premium Replay TV+, which allows for trick play when watching a re-started programme.

Bruno Chauvat, EVP strategy and content at Belgacom is looking forward to the launch of TV Replay: With TV Replay Belgacom subscribers can watch TV in complete freedom. With our TV Everywhere service our customers can watch TV anywhere, with TV Replay people can now watch TV whenever they want. TV Replay also illustrates the excellent cooperation we have with VMMa, VRT and SBS Belgium.