YuMe launches audience-awareness SDK

Parent Category: News | 14-11-2013

YuMe has unveiled new technology to better target brand-receptive audiences by adding a measure of attentiveness.

Aiming to go beyond “simple reach and frequency”, the digital video brand advertising solutions provider says that its Audience-Aware SDK will enable brands to reach their desired consumers and publishers to realise the full value of their audience.

YuMe’s first-party audience data captures voluntary demographic and psychographic information including likes and dislikes. It then captures first-party data to measure post-campaign brand effectiveness, or what the audience recalls about the advertising. The result, says the company, is a combination of information capture that yields “an unparalleled” set of data giving the most receptive and attentive audiences possible in digital video brand advertising.

“Just as we process patterns based on past experiences as we interact with people, YuMe’s data science technology looks for ‘digital patterns’ that help cluster and better understand similar people and behaviors,” explained Jayant Kadambi, co-founder and CEO, YuMe.

“The best branding works when the target is receptive to the campaign message, which is determined by first-party demographic and interest data collected from the SDK. They also need to be attentive and our post-campaign brand effectiveness surveys measure those attention levels.”