Botón Rojo passes 600,000 users per month

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 14-11-2013

Botón Rojo (red button), TVE's hybrid platform, has increased its users by four-fold in only two months, achieving over 600,000 unique visitors.

Spain's hybrid TV industry looks with hope to this public platform, which points the way to a growing market.

During the hybrid TV conference organised by AEDETI - Spain's interactive TV association - Francisco Asensi, business development director at TVE, pointed out that "consumption on Botón Rojo is mostly audiovisual and lasts for over an hour every time".

"Now it's time to let the customer talk," said Asensi. The pioneering platform has been working well, he said, but viewers "need to know better the possibilities offered by hybrid TV". According to Asensi, another important factor in strengthening the new standard is to make the technology invisible: "Viewers have to feel that there is no need for technological knowledge in order to access the service".

During the conference, TV3, Atresmedia, Mediapro and TVE shared their direct experiences with hybrid TV. All of them agreed that the new standard is, above all, for TV, and thus new content is needed. They also emphasised the need to not push the market but wait patiently for the development of this new sector.