Hispasat postpones Amazonas A4 launch

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 14-11-2013

Hispasat has decided to postpone the launch of Amazonas A4, rescheduled a few months ago for 6 December, due to some necessary extra technical verifications.

The satellite, which aims to reinforce Hispasat's coverage in Latin America for satellite TV and Internet, now remains without a definitive launch date.

Amazonas A4 was about to be launched from the European Space Centre in Kurú, French Guyana, on board an Ariane 5 rocket. But Hispasat needs to do more tests before launching the satellite. "The delay is due to new tests to increase the satellite's reliability, because an anomaly was detected during final testing," explained the company in a release.

Amazonas A4 is going to be the second operational satellite in Hispasat's network and was built in only 18 months. The satellite will be placed in a geostationary orbit and will cover the whole South American region, from Venezuela and Colombia to Argentina and Chile.

Hispasat, which is now controlled by the Spanish telco Abertis, intends to intensify its presence in Latin America, which is why it's so important to have the whole Amazonas network working.

The company's network currently offers Internet and TV services to over five million homes in Latin America, one million in Portugal and 200,000 in Spain. The satellite group aims to double its operations within the next five years, becoming an essential part of the Latin American satellite market.