Boomerang TV launches YouTube channel

Parent Category: News | 14-11-2013

Spain's Boomerang TV has officially launched a YouTube channel, Boomerang Live.

The network, which has been operating in beta since April, already has 150 million monthly plays and ten million subscribers, making it the biggest Spanish multichannel network.

Boomerang Live has 14 associated channels and the available content focuses on gaming. The network targets youngsters between 13 and 24 and has been growing with audiences in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

The channel intends to consolidate its position as a portal for gaming, but also offers other content such as drama, lifestyle and cooker shows. The network has both Boomerang programmes - such as Around the Corner and The Avatars - and external shows, like Natural Frank.

Boomerang TV also intends to increase the presence of young creators on the Internet. The group offers support for commercial exploitation, rights management, promotion and marketing.

"Boomerang fits in YouTube's road, offers quality content and allows viewers to comment and share content through the social network," explained María Ferreras, strategies director at YouTube. "Boomerang Live is a channel which has broken records since it started in beta in April, aiming to be a network of reference," added Juan Díaz from Boomerang.