African music service TruSpot to launch TV channel

Rebecca Hawkes | 14-11-2013

TruSpot, the African social music and entertainment network, is to launch a digital television station in March 2014, according to local reports.

The Nigeria-based company hopes the station, which will provide music, videos, news and radio content, will become Africa's version of MTV.

"The radio and television station will showcase African music video including artists' concert shows," TruSpot founder and CEO Ikenna Orizu reportedly told visitors to the AfricaCom trade show in Cape Town.

Before the TV channel arrives, a new platform will be unveiled on 23 November to help the TruSpot music service move towards content on-demand, while showcasing 100,000 tracks and over 5,000 artists.

Over 167 million people use the Internet in Africa, with 54% of them accessing it via mobile phones. Around 8.5 million people have accessed music using TruSpot, according to the company.