Millennials more distracted while watching online video

Parent Category: News | 15-11-2013

YuMe and IPG Media Lab have unveiled their latest research results on millennial video consumption and behaviours, including data on ad effectiveness.

It turns out that millennials are more likely to multi-task with other connected devices, and in general, they're more heavily distracted while watching video. As a result, ads have a harder time breaking through. However, when video ads do make an impression, there can be a more positive brand impact on millennials compared to other generations.

The research found that video ads are especially effective for the group when appearing on smartphones, which are the most popular devices for watching Web video for the younger set.

"The results showed that millennials tend to multi-task with other connected devices, a clear opportunity to plan for duplication and exposure timing across devices for ad breakthrough," said Ed Haslam, senior vice president of marketing at YuMe.

The study also showed that tablet video advertising is most effective for brand recall and persuasiveness within this influential demographic.

"This study really did exceed our expectations, as it not only proved the power of tablet video consumption, but it dove deeper to showcase actual habits and consumption of millennials," says Kara Manatt, vice president of consumer research strategy at IPG Media Lab.