Connected TV owners are boosting OTT viewership

Michelle Clancy | 15-11-2013

Online video is increasingly making inroads to the living room. According to research from TDG, more than half of consumers with an Internet-connected TV have increased their use of over-the-top (OTT) broadband TV sources in the last year, with 24% reporting a sizeable increase.

Only 8% of Internet-connected TV users reported a decline in OTT TV viewership during the last year, meaning that, on balance, net-connected TV users are six times more likely to have increased their use of the medium than to have decreased it.

"That consumers are watching more over-the-top video is not itself surprising," notes Michael Greeson, co-founder of TDG. "But to see such a widespread increase in OTT TV viewing is dramatic, especially as pay-TV subscriptions in the US are experiencing their greatest 12-month losses to date."