Over 50% of Venezuela receives DTT

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 15-11-2013

More than half of Venezuelans are able to connect their TV to the DTT network, although not all of them are doing so, according to the Minister of Science and Technology, Manuel Fernandez, who says that 13 broadcasting stations are built and operational.

But Venezuela's DTT project is still far from being finished. The Government intends to install 38 stations over the next year, through which it plans to cover almost the entire country with a digital TV signal. "Currently we are developing nine stations to cover 10% more of the population, so during the first two months of next year we intend to carry DTT signal to 60% of people through 22 operating stations," said Fernandez.

The infrastructure plan is parallel to the set-top box (STB) delivery to the population. Nearly 400,000 STBs have been handed out to people on low incomes, although the technology is difficult to purchase in the shops for those in a better financial situation.

However, DTT's deployment is not going exactly as expected. The first estimate in 2012 was to cover half the population by the end of that year. In July, the Government set new deadlines for the project and said that 60% of the country would be covered by December, but this deadline has now been postponed for two months.

However, the state has been already creating content and planning new channels to broadcast via the digital network, paying special attention to national productions and institutional information.