ONO offers TiVo-based TV everywhere

Juan Fernández Gonzalez | 18-11-2013

ONO is finalising its TiVo-based TV everywhere service which on launch will be one of the largest offers in Spain's pay-TV sector.

With its new service, ONO will be about to start competing with Telefónica in the TV everywhere and multi-device market, which is still quite underdeveloped in Spain. According to Neeo, which is closely related to the cable company, the new service will come at no extra cost for ONO's TV subscribers, and at a cost of €6 for customers who only have an Internet and telephone package.

The whole schedule will be available in SD, although HD programming will gradually be increased in TiVo's new service.

The platform's app will be launched both for iOS and Android, and intends to cover a wide range of devices. The idea is to operate as an online TV platform with an integrated second-screen interface for social TV. In addition, a video-on-demand (VOD) service will be available.

The list of channels for the TV everywhere platform, published by Neeo, includes TNT, Fox, AXN, Cosmo, Nickelodeon, Discovery and National Geographic, among others, in addition to the regular DTT free-to-air offer.