to stream JFK assassination

November 18, 2013 09.11 Europe/London By Robert Briel JFK is to stream its original 1963 broadcast coverage of JFK assassination starting Friday, November 22.

The online offering will feature the minute-by-minute CBS News broadcasts in real-time as they were delivered during the four-day period following the assassination. The live stream will start on November 22, at 16.40 GMT (17.40 CET) with the first breaking network television news bulletin alerting viewers shots had been fired in Dallas. will then stream the CBS News coverage, including the first report from legendary anchor Walter Cronkite and the extraordinary broadcasts from New York, Dallas, Washington and around the world as it unfolded over four days, culminating with the presidentís funeral.

The historic coverage will continue through the weekend, ending Monday, Nov. 25 with coverage of the presidentís funeral and other news of that days.

The live stream will be available at this webpage on More information about the webcast from CBS can be found here.