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Thread: MyMetrix OpenStore 2.0.14 - BlackHole 2.x.x

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    MyMetrix OpenStore 2.0.14 - BlackHole 2.x.x

    Release Info:
    This Skin is the fully OpenStore Version 2.0.14. All functions are working as original. You can
    install this skin and you'll be able to delete all Skin Files completely.
    This Skin is fully compatible to BH 2.x.x Images, but this Skin will be not supported by BH Team officially.
    BH Team don't support Skins with external Python Converter/Renderer ! This Skin is very heavy and have some external widgets which could slow down your STB.
    WARNING ::!!:: On older Vu+ with small RAM like Duo1 and Solo1 you have to use SWAP File for full working.
    For best running create Swap File 264MB

    !! Choose "MetrixHD for BlackHole 2.x.x mod by capa.xml" Skin Template in Plugins -> MyMetrix -> Settings
    After Download restart GUI then go to MyMetrix Plugin and
    choose Skin template for "BlackHole by capa",
    generate your Skin, go to Skin's and choose your skin.

    i've create own BH SkinPart Suite with Skinparts optimized for BH Images on OpenStore. All Parts from BH are tested and working with BH Images

    Included Files:
    - MetrixHD Skin
    - MyMetrix + OpenStore Plugin
    - SeconInfobar Plugin for MetrixHD (Activation -> Menu-Setup-Eystem-Second Info Bar )
    - Extended Number Zap Plugin (Activation -> Menu-Setup-System-Extended Number Zap )


    18.11.13 -

    - personalized BH widgets (will not overwrite if you download from OpenStore)
    - fixed Display Output
    - fixed CrossEPG Provider Panel
    - fixed Samba Panel
    - fixed
    - fixed

    Thx capa

    I have tested it myself and it works great in my UN



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