CEA, DEG partner to spur UltraHD promotion

Editor | 19-11-2013

In another boon to the development of 4KTV the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) of the US and the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) are collaborating to help develop and promote UltraHD TVs, content and compatible products.

Through their partnership, the CEA and the DEG say they will develop key UltraHD messaging points for use by consumer technology manufacturers, retailers, the creative community and content distributors. The aim will be generate more awareness of UltraHD and to help drive sales at retail.

“We are excited to join with the DEG to help promote this exciting new technology to consumers and help grow this critical new market. Our individual consumer promotional capabilities, combined with our previous successful collaborations to introduce new home entertainment technologies, provide a promising base for this new effort,” explained CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro.

“Our joint messages will reinforce that Ultra HD means 4K resolution – plus a whole lot more. UltraHD encompasses not only more pixels but a number of other technical improvements, all of which result in greatly improved picture quality and an unparalleled home viewing experience.”

In conjunction with CEA, the DEG is undertaking a number of 4K content-related initiatives, working closely with its member companies to expand the availability of 4K delivery platforms to the home and ensure that a complete 4K workflow exists, clearly identifying to benefits of each platform and to help its correct market positioning on it in the market.

“Throughout our history, the DEG’s mission has always been to promote the benefits of new digital entertainment platforms in a seamless and unified manner,” said Amy Jo Smith, president of DEG. “By working closely with CEA on UltraHD, we can deliver a powerful 4K content message which will help drive this key initiative to both retailers and consumers alike.”