Eutelsat promotes hybrid broadcast and broadband networks at Digiworld Summit

Parent Category: News | 19-11-2013

Eutelsat has presented a white paper, 'Advanced TV services for all, available now with Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV solutions', at Idate's Digiworld Summit in Montpellier.

Published by Idate in collaboration with Eutelsat and Orange Group, the paper gives a full overview of current trends towards hybrid network models that bundle broadcast TV reception with services available through the Internet.

The paper aims to underline how hybrid broadcast broadband TV unites the complementary assets of broadcast TV and broadband Internet, providing high quality linear TV and a best-in-class cost-efficient on-demand TV experience.

"This quick-to-market solution combines the efficiency of broadcasting for homogenous, live, quality TV available simultaneously to a large audience with the advantages of broadband networks for delivering individual choice of on-demand content," Eutelsat states.

Based on examples in key markets that include Korea (Olleh TV Skylife), the USA (DirecTV), France (a Fransat partnership with Samsung), Poland (Orange Polska) and the UK (Freesat), the paper explores how hybrid solutions are delivering a high quality and enriched viewing experience.

They also adapt to the specific features of national markets and the requirements of viewers, broadcasters, platform operators, telcos and manufacturers of electronic equipment.

The Digiworld Summit is taking place in France until 21 November.