Wowza launches CDN management portal

Michelle Clancy | 20-11-2013

Wowza Media Systems has teamed up with Mirror Image to launch Wowza CDN Connection, a service portal for setting up content delivery networks (CDN) and Wowza software to stream multiscreen media.

"As our customers scale and grow, they ask Wowza for CDN services that will complement their Wowza software and provide a consistent Wowza-enabled end-user experience," said David Stubenvoll, CEO and co-founder of Wowza Media Systems. "Until now, they've had to use multiple vendors and take on the additional complexity and development that entails. Our new Wowza CDN Connection, initially connecting to Mirror Image's robust DDN, enables customers to easily deploy and operate a much more efficient, effective and lower-cost streaming workflow with the simplicity of a single vendor."

The unified, single-vendor solution integrates multiple parts of the delivery workflow with a consolidated bill, and offers pay-as-you-go pricing for resources on-demand.

Granicus, which offers cloud-based streaming services for local, state and federal government agencies, is the first to launch with the new Wowza CDN Connection, rapidly moving traffic on its open platform content delivery system to the Wowza CDN Connection in "under ten lines of code."

"Ease of deployment was a huge factor for us," said Javier Muniz, CTO at Granicus. "With Wowza CDN Connection and Mirror Image, we saw zero interruption to our service during the switch, and we now have a much more powerful platform to support our customers' stringent streaming needs."

Added Charles White, chief revenue officer at Mirror Image: "The combination of our global dynamic delivery network with Wowza's proven, high quality, multiscreen delivery for live and on-demand streaming provides a powerful, global, integrated solution at an exceptional value for content providers."