Weather app goes a storm for Alliance telco TV

Michelle Clancy | 20-11-2013

Over-the-top (OTT) TV apps are starting to take off. Alliance Communications, a rural telco in South Dakota, said that in a recent 30-day query, it had on average 2,100 daily set-top box-based Weather App activations. And, it recorded a peak day of more than 4,400 interactions.

Alliance, which has APMAX middleware deployed with the Weather Plus option, noted that "with all of the options to access weather, the fact that one telco's subscribers invoked the weather app over 70,000 times in a month is a testament to the strong connection people have with their subscription video".

By utilising data obtained with the Innovative System's User Experience Monitor (UEM), Alliance was able to view the number of times an action is invoked on the STBs in its network.

"Sometimes it's really hard to know what customers like and what they don't like," said Alliance marketing manager Amy Ahlers, who added that she plans to promote the Weather App in an upcoming newsletter, and that the data will be helpful in the development of future competitive marketing pieces