On demand driving YouView growth

November 20, 2013 13.34 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul, OTTtv World Summit, London

YouView FamilyYouView is seeing an average of 2.7 million VOD requests a week, according to Susie Buckridge, the service’s product director.

She added that FTA homes are watching some five on demand programmes a week, and that its viewers watch on demand content for an average of 3.5 hours a week.

Buckridge said that YouView wanted to offer everything in one place and is building new technology to underpin its content.

She also said that 90% of viewing is still live ands in YouView is “leading the charge” in connecting TVs.

Buckridge was of the view that “platform wars” were not just about companies such as Sky versus Virgin but also a battle for the provision of such services as broadband.

There is also a battle for devices and one involving aggregation. Asked about the spending patterns of customers, she said she was not sure if money was going from one pot to another.

However, what is now the case is that FTA homes have a greater choice of content and the option to pay for it.

Buckridge also said that YouView’s biggest challenge is how to give customers access to more content, all on one device.