Nearly 50% of Argentinians to change TV ready for the World Cup

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21-11-2013

Nearly half of Argentina's population is thinking about changing their TV sets before Brazil's World Cup next summer, according to latest report from IntegraGO, which says that 47% of Argentinians want to watch the football event on a new TV screen.

Among those who said they will upgrade their TVs, 40% are between 20-30 and 37% between 30-40.

The survey gives hope to producers and distributors of TV sets, increasing sales expectations for the first half of 2014.

The same tendency has been seen with other sporting events, for instance the World Cup in 2006 saw the first huge increase in sales for large screens (over 29").

IntegraGO's report found that 42.7% of potential upgraders would buy an LED screen, 25.9% prefer LCD technology, 14.3% a smart TV, 13.5% a traditional tube TV and 3.6% a 3D device.

Size is also important for them: 50% prefer a 32" screen, 13.7% are considering 40", 13.9% would buy a 42" set and 3.5% a 55" one.