Tulix steams in with CDN-Express

Editor | 21-11-2013

Multiscreen over-the-top (OTT) streaming solutions and CDN services provider Tulix is to offer a dedicated cloud-based streaming system incorporating its streaming services, controlled by a newly designed management interface.

The new system will support live streaming, video-on-demand (VOD), cloud-based playout, linear streaming and a customisable DVR application that can be used to record channels. The new streaming platform will be based on the Helix Universal Media Server, a product of RealNetworks, which Tulix has been testing.

The application will be offered to customers as a guaranteed environment with dedicated hardware resources and bandwidth. Users will be able to upload on-demand video, create and manage live channels, generate live streams from recorded files using Tulix's cloud-based playout solution, and record all live streams using an online DVR application. It will provide embed codes for all on-demand and live content that can be inserted into web pages and will be compatible iOS, Android, and BlackBerry connected devices.

"Our catalogue of streaming services has expanded greatly over the last year. Instead of providing each as a separate feature, we want our customers to have the entirety of what we have to offer at their fingertips," explained Nino Doijashvili. "We're calling this CDN-Express, since it gives our customers complete control of a dedicated streaming environment that is fully-backed by our route-optimised network."